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Misalignments and gaps in smiles are nothing new; in fact, it’s a common sight to see children in middle school and high school wearing braces to correct these issues as early as possible. All in all, orthodontic care has several valuable benefits, and it can successfully correct problems concerning smiles of all ages. Not only does treatment help patients achieve a more attractive smile and an improved self-image, it also alleviates common oral health problems that crooked teeth can cause, such as abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, inefficient chewing function, misalignment of the jaw joints, and much more. Contact Grosse Pointe Family Dentistry today to schedule an orthodontics consultation with our team today!

Traditional Braces from Grosse Pointe Family Dentistry

Traditional braces can create outstanding results both children and adults, and our in-house orthodontist will be happy to handle your unique case here in our Upper East Side office so that you can enjoy the convenience and comfort our familiar office space provides instead of having to visit an outside professional. We usually recommend that you bring children in for an orthodontics consultation when they’re around the age of seven so that we can evaluate the progress of their oral growth and ensure that their permanent teeth will have enough room to come in properly.

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